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Screen printing

Utah's best choice for T-shirt and apparel printing!

Screen printing is a great way to get your message out to a group of people or even an individual. Screen printing works great for promotions, business uniforms, reunions, fund raisers or branding your business. Tiki Printing offers many different types of screen printing like 4 color process, metallic inks, puff ink, water base and discharge. Tiki Printing is capable of screen printing any apparel like T-shirts, hats, bags, sports apparel, tanks, polo's, jackets or even aprons just to name a few. So check out our screen printing page to find out more about what T-shirt printing process will be best for you!




Utah's secret source for embroidery

Embroidery is a great way to bring your team together. Whether its your sports team needing jerseys and hats or your sales team needing high end polo's that look great on the sales floor. Tiki Printing can handle any embroidery run, with multi head embroidery machines we have your team covered! Check out our embroidery page to see more and get your free estimate!


Promotional products

Cups, pens, lanyards, water bottles, bags and more!

Now that you have your company or team wearing the latest and greatest screen printed or embroidered apparel whats next? Promotional products...thats right! What better way to get your design or logo distributed to the public than with promotional items. Think about it, you can make up some items with your logo and have your team give them out at every meeting, or sell them at your games there are countless ways you can use these items


Decals, Vinyl, Banners

Car/truck decals, inside/outside office walls and windows, Banners

Tiki Printing can produce your next decals for your work vehicles or for your office windows as well as create banners for your events. We can also cut vinyl for signs as well as decals for inside your office or warehouse letting customers or employees know important information.


Screen Printing

selected work

Screen printing is the most cost effective, versatile, long lasting and durable of all apparel decorating methods. TIKI Printing strives to bring you the very best when it comes to your prints by using the latest technology and equipment.


selected work

Design is one of the key ingredients to ensure that your prints come out looking there best. Bad or poor quality design means poor quality prints! TIKI Printing can help you bring your ideas to life using the latest software. view design specification page

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